Our expertise in construction equipment extends to our shipping department. With customers all over the world, our experienced team ensures that every piece of machinery gets to its destination promptly and as economically as possible. We actively coordinate the process every step of the way to make sure our customers' freight gets to its destination safely and on time.
Here are some answers to questions our customers have asked us.

Can you ship internationally?

You bet. We can ship any spare part anywhere in the world. Our shipping department has shipped several hundred parts around the world.  As well, our staff knows what needs to be done to ensure that customs and documentation does not slow down your shipment.

What about your international shipping services?

We have carriers and freight companies that provide the most competitive rates to our customers. We also have a full time employee that does nothing but work on freight. As well, with knowledge of customs rules, we can guarantee that buying from us is simple.

What shipping carriers do you work with?

We work with only fully insured and bonded carriers. In the rare case where carriers do not deliver on promises, or mislead us about shipping times, that carrier is blacklisted and not used again. The point is we only work with reliable trustworthy carriers.

What are typical delivery time expectations within Russia?

Depending on the size of the spare part, we can generally get something shipped anywhere in Russian Federation within 10-15 days of a part purchase.

If the answers you're looking for aren't here, feel free to contact our shipping coordinator. He'll be happy to help.