About Us

Richtone Construction Engineering was founded in 2006.  We understand that the best equipment and spare parts means good business in any industry requiring heavy-duty machinery. We sell the quality of parts that we would feel good about using in any construction company.

We’re an independent dealer, so we aren’t limited to the brands that we can buy or sell.  That means that we can serve the needs of each customer, rather than the rules of a particular head office.

We’re all about providing our customers with parts for machines that can:

  • be taken to their job place
  • put to work
  • make them money

Our focus is on helping our customers to grow their businesses. They show us their appreciation by coming back to us again and again for our spare parts supplies. This level of customer satisfaction has helped us to become an international leader in the heavy equipment industry. 
Today Richtone Co. Ltd. has customers on nearly every continent around the world, including North America, Australia, Africa, Russia and CIS and many others.  No matter where our customers are located, no matter what their spare parts needs may be, they have come to trust Richtone Co. Ltd. as their source for quality, reliable, work-ready spare parts at competitive prices.

Whether you are looking for a quality piece of heavy equipment attachment or parts, make Richtone Co. Ltd. your first call.  Contact a salesman today and experience total customer satisfaction.